Friday, July 20, 2012

Me and the Big C.

On my Facebook group, Healthy Habits, I talked a little bit about my struggle this year with some colon issues. The short of it: At 39 years old, I had to get a colonoscopy. At 39, they found 15 polyps, three of which were sent to the lab. Two polyps were found to be benign. The other polyp- pre-cancer, and according to the medical assistant, the aggressive kind. Not good.

So, I have been doing a ton of research, both by watching medical advice shows like Dr Oz, and doing my own internet research. The consensus is that we can avoid some cancers with a healthier diet. Good news.

My love affair with food isn't likely to stop, right? So, I am replacing healthy, cancer fighting foods with the luscious and decadent fatty foods that I have loved for so long. Sometimes this is a real struggle: not because I don't love my super yummy healthy substitutes, but because I am trying to replace SUGAR with a less caloric sweetener. Here is a hint: ARTIFICIAL = CANCER. Bleh.

I love sugar. I love e. How do I get those foods in that are low in fat, low in sugar, and aren't going to kill me? I am researching this little problem now.

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